Woodworking Supplies

This listing is not an endorsement.  It just means that the outfit is legitimate to the best of my knowledge.


Woodfinder.com - A searchable directory of over 350 lumber dealers.

Badger Hardwoods - Mail order lumber dealer from Wisconsin.

Bristol Valley Hardwoods

Maple Leaf Hardwoods - Specialists in figured hardwoods.

Northland Forest Products - One of the places I use. They don't ship so you're out of luck unless you live in Virginia or New Hampshire.

Steve Wall Lumber

Wood-Ply Lumber - Mail order lumber dealer from New York.


Architectural Ironmongery - A British firm specializing in restoration hardware.  Some very nice looking iron hinges.

Ball & Ball - Maker of 18thand 19thCentury reproduction hardware.

Colonial Works - Distributor of a variety of reproduction hardware.

Dimestore Cowboys - Carries a line of southwestern style hardware, some of which will work for 15th and 16th century pieces.

Fagan's Forge - Maker of hand-forged ironwork.

Gebrüder Krawarik - In German.  Austrian furniture restorers and hardware merchants.  Most of the hardware listed under "Beschläge für Bauernmöbel" will work for 15th and 16th Century pieces.

new stuff Glasgow Steel Nail - Makers of various styles of wrought iron nails. Includes a link to a blacksmith who makes handforged nails.

Hermosa Hardware - Specializes in Mexican Colonial reproduction hardware, but a lot of their pieces work for 15thCentury and later Europe.

Horton Brasses - A small outfit in New England with excellent customer service.

new stuff Medieval Masters - Distributors of a variety of medieval style hardware.

Paxton Hardware - Another maker of reproduction hardware.

Tremont Nail Company - Makers of reproduction nails including ones with fake hand-forged heads.

Vandyke's Restorer's - Stocks a wide range of hardware and other items for restoring period furniture (or making your own).

Whitechapel Ltd.- Seller of a wide range of hardware.  Write for their catalog.

Finishing Supplies

Amber Alchemy- They sell a line of varnishes made using recipes that are close to those used in the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Bioshield Paint Company - Another "green" paint company - this one's in the US

Kremer Pigmente- A German and New York based vendor that stocks a wide range of traditional artists pigments, varnishes, gessoes, and other materials.

Natural Building Company - This is a UK company producing a range of "Green" building materials including paint. Looks like it might be a good source for period materials.

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company- Purveyor of milk paint.  They don't usually sell direct, but they have lists of local dealers.

The Original Milk Paint Co. - A South African operation whose packaging looks suspiciously like that of one of its competitors.

The Real Milk Paint Company

Sinopia - A West Coast vendor of artists supplies.  They carry quite a number of traditional artists pigments and other supplies.  They also have a useful section with recipes for making your own paints, varnishes, &c.

Tried & True Wood Finishes - Makers of a line of oil finishes based on 19th Century recipes.  Besides being fairly close to Renaissance formulas, they are food-safe as well.

General Woodworking Supplies

Chesapeake Woodworkers Sales - Mail order woodworking supply store.

Constantines - A mail order supply house especially strong on finishing and veneering supplies.

EBay- The online auctions house.   A good place to locate books and tools (but caveat emptor).

Garrett-Wade - Large woodworking catalog house.

Highland Hardware - A mail order woodworking supply store.

Internet Woodworking - A compendium of links to lumber, tool, and finishing suppliers as well as other links of interest to woodworkers.

Lee Valley - Mail order catalog of general woodworking supplies (and Leonard Lee's gizmos).

Rockler - Chain of woodworking supply stores.  They do mail and web order.

Woodcraft - The other (along with Rockler) big woodworking chain.

Woodworking.com- A compendium of lists of suppliers, lumber companies, etc.

Woodworker's Supply - Another large woodworking catalog house.

Toolpost - A UK based purveyor of general woodworking supplies.

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