Supplies & Suppliers:

This listing is not an endorsement.  It just means that the outfit is legitimate to the best of my knowledge.


The Best Things - Purveyors of new and used tools as well as books.

Cape Forge - Maker of hand forged woodworking tools.  Also does custom work.

Clark & Williams - Makers of reproduction 18th and 19th Century planes.  Very, very nice stuff.  They also do custom work.

Crown Plane - Makers of traditional wooden planes at reasonable prices.

Dick Tools - A German retailer of assorted handtools, books, and other woodworking supplies. Website in German and English.

Diefenbacher Tools - Imported German tools as well as their own line.  Mostly carving tools and chisels.

E.C. Emmerich - German producer of the ECE line of planes and other tools.  Website in German and English.

Hand American - Keith De'Grau sells a line of very nice honing and sharpening supplies at very reasonable prices.

Highland Hardware - A mail order outfit from Atlanta that sells tools (both hand and those unspeakable tailed things), books, supplies, etc, etc.

Hock Handmade Blades - Maker of replacement plane irons and other sharp metal things.

Holtey Classic Handplanes - Karl Holtey makes reproductions of classic British handplanes. Probably the best planes made today. Prices start at £1500.

Kansas City Windsor Tool Works - Makers of reproduction Windsor beaders and spokeshaves.

Knight's Toolworks - Steve Knight makes very well received (and reasonably priced) wooden planes in a variety of styles.

Lie-Nielsen - Maker of really nice planes and saws.

Martin J. Donnelly - Purveyor of top notch collector's tools and books

Mazzaglia Tools - Mostly a producer of piano tools, but also sells custom name stamps that have been very well received.

The Museum of Woodworking Tools - an online museum with a small permanent collection and rotating special exhibits. The "museum store" stocks a selection of new and new-old tools.

Dieter Schmid Fine Tools/Feine Werkzeuge - German mail order tool dealer with an extensive web catalog.  In German and English.

The Superior Works - Pat Leach is a reknowned expert on woodworking tools and produces his own line as well as selling antiques.

The Toolshop - Tony Murland is one of the leading antique tool dealers in the UK.  In addition to his retail business, Tony runs one of the major UK tool auctions.

Trinders' Fine Tools - Another dealer from the UK.

Vintage Saws - Pete Taran sells (you guessed it) vintage hand saws.  Pete also sells saw filing kits.

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