Medieval Woodworking Resources:
General Medieval & Renaissance Resources

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies - Probably the best single source for medieval reference material.

Stefan's Florigilieum - A massive collection of sometimes useful posts from

Atlantian A&S - The SCA Kingdom of Atlantia's Arts & Sciences page, with many links.

Medieval Pavilion Resources - A slew of resources on medieval tents, furniture, and other things for living medievally.

New Finds Database - The finds database of the UK's Portable Antiquities Scheme. The database contains several thousand records (some with images) of finds recovered by metal detectorists and other amatuers.


Nykoping, Denmark - Middelalder Centret/Center for Medieval Technology - A place that does really cool experiments with medieval technology (very large trebuchets, a diving suit, cannon). As well as a late 14th Century medieval village. (English, German, Danish)

Berlin, Germany - Museumsdorf Düppel/Düppel Open Air Museum (German, English) - Open air museum recreating a Prussian village in the 12th -13th Century.

Stockholm, Sweden - Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum (Swedish, English) - The Stockholm Medieval Museum concentrates on daily life in medieval Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden - The Vasa (English, Swedish) - A bit late for our period (mid 17th Century), but a treasure trove of information on the period.

Portsmouth, UK - The Mary Rose - Henry VIII's flagship is a time capsule of mid-16th Century shipboard life.  Thousands of artifacts were recovered from the wreck, the vast majority of which are yet to be published.

Living History Groups

1476 Städtisches Aufgebote - (German, English) A German group that reenacts the late 15th Century. (Site Down)

La Belle Compagnie - A small group that recreates an English knight's household c. 1382.

Conquest - a British group dedicated to recreating as accurately as possible the Anglo-Norman period of English history from the Battle of Hastings up until the signing of the Magna Carta (1066 to 1215AD).

Society for Creative Anachronism - The largest US recreation group.

De Liebaart - (Dutch, English) A Belgian group that reenacts the period centering around 1302 and the battle of Courtrai. 

Interessengemeinschaft Wolf e.V.  - A German reenactment group. (English, German)

Regia Anglorum - (English) Regia Anglorum is a British Group that recreates Saxon, Viking, and Norman life in great detail. Very good web site.

Ars Replika - (German) A German group that concentrates on portrayals of medieval craftspeople.

New The Companie of Saynt George - (English, German, Italian, French) A Swiss-based group recreating the late 15th century.

Academic Groups

Council for British Archaeology - The major archeological society in the UK.  Their web site include links to numerous other archeology related sites as well as the full text of British Archaeology magazine.

The Finds Research Group - "a forum for people interested in or researching artefacts of the Saxon, Viking, Medieval and Post-Medieval periods". They run two conferences in Britain every year and publish a well regarded set of data sheets.

International Congress on Medieval Studies - The leading professional conference on the Middle Ages, held every May in Kalamazoo, MI.

International Medieval Congress - The other leading conference on medieval studies, held annually in Leeds, England.

The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science - An academic society based out of Oxford, UK. 

York Archaeological Trust - The organization responsible for the ongoing excavations of York.  Their web site contains links to the historic sites they run as well as their extensive list of publications.

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