Medieval Woodworking Resources:
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Plans, Articles & Pictures

General & Multi-period

Sacred Spaces - Sacred Spaces was the newsletter of the Known World Architectural Guild.  It has a wide variety of furniture plans in .PDF format.

Guide to French Furniture Styles.  A nicely illustrated guide to French Furniture Styles.  Several good photos of Medieval and Renaissance pieces.

Stan Hunter's Medieval Furniture Page.  Includes his lengthy handout from his Pennsic 30 class.

The House Greydragon Furniture Page (Temporarily Down)- A collection of items produced by Master Terfan Greydragon. Some very interesting ideas for SCA camping here.

Spiffing up Your Campsite by Charles Oakley - A really good set of articles for a number of different pieces of medieval furniture.  Well written and with clear instructions.

Stefan's Florilegium is a collection of articles and messages from

New Stuff Menuiserie Feodale - (French, English) A new site that will eventually cover a broad range of medieval woodworking topics.

Norse, Saxon & other Early Period

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Houses and Furniture  (Regia Anglorum)

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Woodworking (Regia Anglorum)

Articles by Stephen Wyley - Some quite good articles on several Viking-era pieces.

Gerek's Woodworking Page

Gerek's Bed Page

The Lund Viking Stool

Wareham Forge - Darrell Markewitz of Wareham forge has plans for several pieces of Norse furniture:

New Stuff The Voxtorp Chest - A simpler version, using dimensional lumber.

High Middle Ages

Notes on Fourteenth Century Chests - Notes and pictures from La Belle Compagnie on several late 14th/early 15th century chests they've made.

Bed - A picture of the master bed from the Bayleaf Farmhouse at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum (q.v.).

Thirteenth Century fauldstool by Andy Goddard

Chest by Interessengemeimschaft Wolf (follow the links to the photo section).

The Renaissance

Articles by Tom Rettie - Tom's pages are definitely worth reading

Furnishings of Le Poulet Gauche, a re-created 16th century French Tavern

Italian Cassone by Master Terafan Greydragon and Master Dafydd ap Gwystl

New Stuff The Dragon - The newsletter of the Swiss-based Company of St. George contains several excellent articles on late 15th century furniture.

Other Resources

The Medieval Sawdust List - An email list for those interested in medieval woodworking.

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