Tools & Technology - pages on period tools, techniques for using them, lathes, finishing, and museums and organizations that deal with antique tools and tool collecting.

Other Sites on Medieval & Renaissance Furniture & Woodwork - pages with plans & pictures of period furniture.

Museums with Furniture Collections - links to museums with significant collections of period furniture.

General Medieval & Renaissance Resources - has links to online reference sources as well as museums and organizations that deal with the period.

Lumber & Supplies - links to dealers of mail order lumber, hardware, finishing supplies, and general woodworking supplies.

Tool Dealers - links to dealers and makers of hand tools.

Books & Magazines - links to useful suppliers of books, magazines, and other useful research materials such as dissertations.

Finishing, Hardware & General Woodworking Supplies   - links to purveyors of finishing supplies, periodesque hardware, and general woodworking supplies.

Medieval Furniture & Reproductions- links to the pages of artists and craftspeople producing reasonable facsimiles of medieval furniture and antique dealers who can sell you the real thing.

Technique - general "how-to" links about woodworking.

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