Medieval & Renaissance Woodworking Research

Reading List

Reading List- An annotated list of useful and not too hard to find books for someone interested in Medieval and Renaissance woodworking.

Research Bibliographies

The following research bibliographies are located at this site.

Furniture: Authors A-L

Furniture: Authors M-Z

History of Woodworking Tools - Books on the history of tools.

Collecting Woodworking Tools - Books on tool collecting, these tend to focus on 18th and 19th Century tools.

Woodwork & Small Finds - Books on non-furniture woodworking, particularly archeological small finds.

Technique - Books on working wood.

Wood Finishing - Books on paint, varnish, and other wood finishing media.

Wood, Lumber & Trees - Books on trees, wood, and the timber trade.

Medieval & Renaissance Trades, Technology, and Miscellanea. - Everything that doesn't fit in one of the other categories.

Attached to most of these bibliographies are largely unedited lists of books that I've culled from a wide variety of sources, the two largest being the catalogs of the Library of Congress and the Österreichischen Bibliothekenverbundes (Austrian Library Federation). Other sources include the online catalogs of the British Library, National Library of Scotland, and Bibliothèque national de France as well as the bibliographies of books I've read.  I haven't read any of these books so their presence is based on either the title or information in the library catalog.  Another catalog that has been the source of some recent additions is that of Harvard University.

Sources for Books, Magazines, and other Materials

Books & Magazines - Links to useful suppliers of books, magazines, and other useful research materials such as dissertations.

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