About Me

People keep asking me "Tell me about yourself".  I've never been very good at answering that question, but I'll try anyway ...

Gary Halstead

is a Business/Systems Analyst/Geek for a small IT consultancy in the Washington, DC area.  I'm married to the lovely and talented Cindy.

Unsurprisingly, (given the content of this site) I have interests in woodworking and medieval recreation. When not in my shop or at the computer I often dress up in funny clothes and become one of the guys over to the right via the Society for Creative Anachronism.   In addition to the medieval and woodworking hobbies, I collect old tools, read, and am a member of the   EAIA and  MWTCA.

Ranulf of Waterford, OL

is a Norman landowner in 13th Century Ireland with more interest in the manual arts than is appropriate for a gentleman. Ranulf is a retired Baron of Ponte Alto in the Kingdom of Atlantia and is married to the lovely and talented Dame Caitlyn o' Duirnin.

Ralph Halstead

is a joiner living in Elizabethan York. Ralph steers clear of politics and spends his time in his shop or down at the tavern.

Ranulf's Arms

Caitlyn's Arms

Gary's Arms

Azure, two chevronels between three cross-crosslets fitchy argent, a chief ermine.

Cindy's Arms

Vert, three Maltese crosses, on a chief argent, three compass roses sable.

Ranulf & Caitlyn's Personal Badge

Ranulf & Caitlyn's Household Badge


A Canterbury cross per pale argent and gules.

Azami badge

Argent, three thistles in pall inverted conjoined to a bordure sable.

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