Bibliography of Medieval Woodworking Tools - A partially annotated bibliography of works on the subject of medieval and Renaissance woodworking tools(PDF format).

Medieval Furniture Bibliography - A bibliography of works on the subject of medieval and Renaissance Furniture (PDF format).

The Northern European Timber Trade- An article on the timber trade in northern Europe. focusing on the Baltic and Rhine areas (PDF format).

The Cloisters- A brief description of the furniture on view at the Cloisters in New York.

Product Review - Marples Blue Chip Chisels

Product Review - Tried & True Varnish Oil

Interior Decoration & Furniture of the Italian Renaissance- The English text of Frida Schottmüller's 1920 work on the subject.

Medieval & Renaissance Chests- The presentation and notes from my class on the subject (requires frames).

Interior Wood Finishing in Medieval and Renaissance Europe- My brain dump on what's known about wood finishing in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (PDF format).

Getting Started in Woodworking- A basic introduction to woodworking.

Reading List- An annotated list of useful and not too hard to find books for someone interested in Medieval and Renaissance woodworking.

Woods used in the Middle Ages & Renaissance - A list of woods used in period with some notes on their properties and applications.

A Brief History of Medieval European Joinery - A short history of woodworking technique in the Middle Ages. 

A Brief Description of Some Medieval French Woodworking: The Musée National du Moyen Age - Thermes de Cluny - A description of some of the pieces at the Cluny Museum in Paris.  Lots of pictures.

Notes on Finishing Techniques - A rough set of notes on period finishing techniques, definitely a work in progress.

Introduction to Medieval Woodworking - The lecture notes from my class "Introduction to Medieval Woodworking: Materials, Tools, and Methods".  Attached is the class resource handout which is essentially a cut-down version of this web site.

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